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“At the Kessler School, we use the Test Innovators platform for all of our graduating 6th grade students. We’ve found that the Test Innovators platform allows us to easily provide personalized prep plans, giving each student exactly what they need to succeed on the test.”

Howard Atkinson Reading & Literary Specialist The Kessler School

Just a sample of the over 100 schools and organizations who use the Test Innovators platform:

The Fessenden School
The Park School
The San Francisco School
Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart
Charlotte Preparatory School
Cardigan Mountain School
The Peck School
The Kessler School
San Francisco Friends School
Eaglebrook School
The Meadowbrook School of Weston
Norwood School
The Carey School
Pine Cobble School
The Calvert School
San Miguel Academy of Newburgh
Reid Temple Christian Academy
Princeton Montessori School
Prospect Sierra
The Shlenker School
St. Ignatius Loyola Academy
Live Oak School
St. Thomas School
Renbrook School
Sonoma Country Day School

Why Test Innovators for Schools?


Adaptive technology

Our flexible platform is used by schools, top tutors, and tutoring companies worldwide.


Personalized Plans

Every student receives a personalized prep plan based on their practice test results and target schools.


Training and Support

Test Innovators offers a high level of training and support, available 365 days a year. Guaranteed.


Immediate Scoring and Insights

Our platform delivers immediate scoring and actionable insights, including additional question banks to further hone skills.



Our testing data delivers insight into your students’ performance relative to the norm group.


Proven Results

Students who use the Test Innovators platform score 70% higher than average on standardized tests.

Tools for Schools

Administrator tools provide access to student or class performance in real time.

Classroom tools make it easy to manage individual students and classes.

Scoring tools highlight test performance, including question-specific details. Benchmarks provide feedback about students and classes compared to the norm group.

Score tools also provide section-level reporting for each student.

Time management tools track pacing by student and by class.

Monitoring tools track study sessions and practice exam completion for each student.

Monitoring tools allow administrators to see exactly what the student sees.

Performance tools provide test results in the context of successful scores for target schools.

Options for Schools

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