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SSAT Test Practice

Join 150,000+ students preparing with Test Innovators

SSAT Test Practice

Join 150,000+ students preparing with Test Innovators

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Succeed with data-driven practice

Our full-length practice tests simulate the official testing experience so that students know what to expect on test day. Our system provides practice tools to develop test-taking skills.

Timing analysis

Gain critical time management skills. Learn how to effectively use your limited time on each test section.

Scoring diagnostics

Visualize your strengths and weaknesses to target areas for improvement.

Personalized prep

Receive recommendations for best next steps, dynamically created as you practice.

Test-taking strategies

Learn how to approach SSAT questions and eliminate wrong answer choices.

Get into your dream school

Review your scores in comparison to those of Test Innovators students accepted at your target schools. Use these insights to guide your practice and test goals.

76% of students who practiced with Test Innovators were accepted by their first-choice school.

† Based on 2017 survey data
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How It Works

How It Works

The Test Innovators system guides students through the preparation process.


Take full-length practice tests.


Use your personalized prep plan to target areas for improvement.


Be confident on test day!

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"Test Innovators absolutely made a difference in our child getting accepted to two of the most elite schools in the US. I'm not sure my son could have achieved the same test results without you. Thank you!!"

—Parent of student accepted to Phillips Exeter & St. Paul's School

What sets us apart

We provide all the tools, strategies, and support your student needs to succeed on the SSAT.

  • Authentic

    Questions, timing, and format mirror the official SSAT.
  • Adaptive

    Our system constantly improves by learning from tens of millions of answered questions.
  • Personalized

    Recommendations for next steps target areas for improvement.
  • 365 Support

    SSAT experts are available to answer questions by phone or chat any day of the year.

Students who use our platform score 70% higher than average

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