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We at Test Innovators have created the very best full-length practice tests for the Elementary, Middle, and Upper Level SSAT. Our tests feature a one-of-a-kind scoring and diagnostic system, plus explanations for every question. Students who take our SSAT practice tests know where they stand and how to prepare for exam day.

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Practice = Improvement
Students who use our materials do 70% better than the average. Over 98% of parents and tutors tell us that our materials were helpful in preparing their students.
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Our veteran test writers have decades of experience with the SSAT. Our materials are used by top tutoring companies and by parents committed to getting their children into great schools.
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We’ve developed the most realistic SSAT practice tests on the market—each test is true-to-the-SSAT in difficulty, question distribution, and structure. Students who use our materials know what to expect on the real exam.
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Thousands of students have used our instant diagnostic feedback to pinpoint the areas to improve before test day. Determine your strengths and weaknesses with our SSAT practice tests!

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Test Taking Tips

Be strategic.

On the Middle and Upper Level SSAT, students earn 1 point for every correct answer, lose ¼ of a point for every wrong answer, and neither gain nor lose a point for omitted questions.

Start early.

Learn SSAT strategies and start preparing well before your test date. Leave yourself time to master new concepts!


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