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Elementary Level SSAT Grade 4

For students applying to grade 5

  • test-paper 1 full-length test

  • Online test portal
  • Printable version
  • Score report
  • Interactive diagnostics
  • Tutor consultation
  • test-paper 2 full-length tests

  • Online test portal
  • Printable version
  • Score report
  • Interactive diagnostics
  • Tutor consultation
  • 12 extra essay prompts

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"Test Innovators absolutely made a difference in our child getting accepted to two of the most elite schools in the US. I'm not sure my son could have achieved the same test results without you. He used Test Innovators practice tests after his first test and raised his percentile by 8 on the retest. Thank you!!"

-Parent of student accepted to Phillips Exeter & St. Paul's School

"Getting a good score at the standard tests is more than knowing the materials, but also knowing the format of the tests and responding accurately and quickly within the limited time frame. The practice tests from Test Innovators are very helpful for my child to get the feeling of what a real test feels like. Regular practice also helped my child reduce anxiety at the real test."

-Parent of student accepted to Woodside Priory.

"While my son did well the first time he took the exam, I truly believe working with your program helped us identify areas we needed to focus on and helped him improve his overall score by 130 points and his overall percentile by 14."

-Parent of 8th grader applying to Hotchkiss and Phillips Exeter.

"I feel extremely lucky that I came across with TestInnovators from the Official SSAT site. Having instant feedback and graphs helped her to motivate to work toward where she wants to be. Her score improved so much that she achieved top 3% and was able to get into all the schools that she was interested in."

-Parent of student accepted to Archer School for Girls.

How much have students improved with Test Innovators?

Cesar’s hard work and dedication allowed him to increase his SSAT score by 68 percent!

Learn more about Cesar's story here.

Owen used Test Innovators to study math concepts he hadn't learned previously, and when he re-took the test, he achieved a total score in the 95th percentile!

Learn more about Owen's story here.

Arjun used Test Innovators to work on his test taking skills and improved his score by 29 percentile points!

Learn more about Arjun's story here.

With the help of Test Innovators, Olivia increased her score by 25 percentile points on the Middle Level SSAT!

Learn more about Olivia's story here.

How it works.

Full-length practice tests come in both online and printable formats.

Score reports provide highly accurate scaled scores and place them in the context of your target schools.

Diagnostic tools categorize questions by subject type and difficulty to quickly identify areas for improvement.

Online platform provides answers, explanations, and normative statistics for each question. Optional practice exercises provide additional targeted practice.

Timing tracker displays the time spent on each question to help students effectively manage their time.

Personalized Prep Plan recommends the best next steps as you prepare for test day.