SSAT practice tests: Each full-length test includes all SSAT multiple-choice sections (Quantitative, Verbal, and Reading) and a Writing Sample section, just like the official SSAT.

Online test-taking system: Take a practice test using our online system and you'll immediately receive percentiles and scaled scores that accurately represent how well you did on the test compared to other test takers. You can also view your child's scores in the context of his or her prospective schools, and our online tests give you crucial information about your child's time management.

Printable PDFs: We also provide downloadable & printable versions of the tests you purchase. If your child takes a practice test on paper, use our online scoring system to receive the complete score report and interactive diagnostic feedback.

Interactive diagnostics: Look at easy-to-understand charts and statistics about your practice test results. See how well you did on easy vs. hard questions, on geometry vs. arithmetic, and much more. If you take an online test, you also receive immediate feedback about how long you spent on each question.

Answer explanations: Once you complete a practice test, you'll see a detailed explanation of every question so you don't make the same mistakes again!

Tutor consultation: Receive a personalized interpretation of your scores from a professional tutor. An SSAT expert will speak with you on the phone or online about how your child can best prepare for test day, based on their diagnostic results.

Additional essay prompts: Practice makes perfect! These extra prompts are just like the ones on the real SSAT; use them to master the writing sample.

Access all of your materials for a full nine months.

If your purchase includes a tutoring package, please refer to the Tutoring Terms of Service.

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