How It Works

The Complete Solution to SSAT Success

Tools, strategies, and support for all levels of the SSAT.

Why Test Innovators?

Authentic practice tests
Take highly accurate full-length tests in both online and printable formats.
True-to-the-test scoring
Receive an immediate score report with percentiles and scaled scores.
Scores in context
Compare your performance to target scores for top schools.
Critical feedback and insights
Explore performance diagnostics by question type, question difficulty, and time management.
Answers and explanations
Review correct and incorrect answers along with solutions for each question.
Confidence on test day
Familiarize yourself with the style, content, and difficulty of the SSAT to avoid surprises on test day.


Our tools make it easy to assess preparedness, target areas of need, and track progress.

Full-length practice tests come in both online and printable formats.

Normative score reports provide highly accurate percentiles and scores based on the performance of thousands of other test-takers.

Diagnostic tools categorize questions by subject type and difficulty to quickly identify areas for improvement.

Online platform provides answers, explanations, and normative statistics for each question. Optional question banks provide additional targeted practice.

Timing tracker displays the time spent on each question to help students effectively manage their time.

Personalized Prep Plan recommends the best next steps as you prepare for test day.